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The Veneerhouse is an architectural experience center ment to inspire and to create.

The Veneerhouse is a brand new experience center where wood veneer can be experienced in all possible ways. In an architectural context in which numerous modern interior products were combined, the architect can discover more than 150 wood species, see real applications and be creative thanks to the wide availability of samples and documentation.

The fusion of man and nature

The fusion of man and nature

Ecology and sustainability are central to the philosophy of Decospan. Veneer is indeed the most beautiful expression of wood and a gift of nature. Thanks to the technological ingenuity of man, we can enjoy this beautiful material. Decospan develops and manufactures products based on wood veneer and wants to make its use more accessible. On entering the Veneerhouse, this symbiosis between man and nature soon becomes apparent. Thanks to automation-driven screens and intelligent lighting the samples in the courtyard of real moss literally come alive. Furthermore contemporary interior products like liquid floors and stretched ceilings can be seen. For sure this is not a classic "showroom”!

Samples and mood boards

The Veneerhouse should encourage inspiration, this is obvious. It is a place where the architect in the first place can become acquainted with many different types of wood veneer, all available as a full size panel.

To approach reality as much as possible, one half of the board has already been varnished, so the spectator can form a clear picture of the possible end result. Building plans can be drawn and discussed from the desk, while looking at the different veneered panels. This turns vague ideas and plans immediately into reality.

In the specially equipped meeting rooms, project meetings can be organized involving all stakeholders of the project. There are even special frames provided to create a mood board with A4 samples of the selected veneers and other materials for the project.

The central location between creative hubs such as Paris, London, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Kortrijk and so is also ideal for bringing together different parties.

Premium service

During a personal consultation and under professional guidance, all aspects of your project will first be discussed. Along with a veneer consultant, the architect can himself choose a personal log. Decospan houses the largest, most diverse stock of wood veneer, so there are endless possibilities. Those who choose an own log will enjoy an incredible, unique experience and attain the highest degree of individualization. The chosen log will stay reserved only for you and processed as agreed.

Trends & Training

Trends & Training

A team of trend watchers follows the international trends in interior design closely. The Veneerhouse is the ideal place to discover the latest news from the market. There is a training center and enough space for presentations up to 30 people. All necessary infrastructure is provided, including custom lighting, large screens and smooth connectivity with Clickshare or Apple TV.


A visit to the Veneerhouse is always by appointment, which you can arrange through the contact-page or by dialling 003256528800. Opening hours: every working day from 9h to 17h, only on Friday limited to 14h.



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SampleboxOrder the luxurious samplebox

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