The Veneer - a magazine by Decospan

The Veneer

“The Veneer” is a multiplatform concept that tells the story of real wood veneer through the eyes of architects and designers.

It is a full senses experience that is expressed through various mediums such as The Veneer Magazine, The Veneer Website, The Veneer Movie (coming soon), The Veneer Samplebox (order here), the Veneerhouse (visit here) and many more initiatives to come soon.

The Veneer Magazine is published twice a year by Decospan NV as a full-color magazine. In between new stories appear on the website. If you wish to receive a copy in the future, please inform us through the contact page.

Do you have a project in which veneer products are used? Are you looking for inspiration? Do you wish to be included in the next edition of The Veneer? That is possible! Please inform us through the contact page and a wood consultant will guide you with pleasure.

Edition #1

The first edition is title “New York” as we take you to “The Big Apple” for an inspiring journey through the creative and architectural atmosphere of the city. The first part of this magazine primarily explains wood veneer’s origins and the value it adds. In the second part we investigate in greater depth the architectural side of NY and the role of natural materials, and in particular veneer in interiors. Various prominent developers, architects and designers talk about the city’s dynamic and trends and the role of natural materials in this. In the third section artists working in veneer, both well-known and less well known, show their work. In conclusion we present some of the tools that could assist you when recommending wood veneer.

 Samplebox Order the luxurious samplebox

SampleboxOrder the luxurious samplebox

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