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When Decospan first saw the light of day in 1978 I was barely 19. My first encounter with wood veneer had been around 10 years previously, when I went on the road with my father for the first time to inspect and buy veneer. At the time I did not yet look at wood veneer the way I do now.

Things have changed a lot since then if you think about it. The global population has grown incredibly, the computer has made its entrance, internet and smartphones have completely reshaped the way we communicate and even in the medical area there are scarcely any limits. The outlook for wood veneer nevertheless remains unchanged. Nature grows wood and technology allows us to cut trees into veneer. This technology has evolved and allows us to cut it 20% faster, thinner and more precise than in the 1970s, thus coming to better yields. Apart from that, everything is still the same. Every piece of wood veneer looks different: then and now today.

Over the past 37 years wood veneer has for me become the ultimate expression of exclusivity. Over all these years we have never made two identical sheets or two identical floor planks. Because, there simply are not two identical trees in this world.

This is the reason that we have gone on to use this unique characteristic of wood in creating our products. This is the reason why we want everyone to find inspiration in wood from trees that is sometimes 200 years old at the point that we make a product from it.

Over the same 37 years we have watched industry making repeated attempts ever more frequently to imitate this product. We have watched industry develop techniques to imitate wood almost to perfection. And yet, whatever they may claim, nothing truly approaches wood itself. It's beginning to look very much like it, and it's beginning to feel almost the same, but it remains an imitation.

“Wood is an exclusive natural product which reflects true genuity in a world of imitation.”Jan Desmet

On the one hand we are happy that these imitations are as good as they are, as they can be reproduced in unlimited quantities. But trees are available only in restricted quantities, and for that reason we need to be extremely careful in our use of timber products.

It is an exclusive product, and this means that veneer automatically has to be the star of a project. It has to stand out in a world of imitation.

This is what Decospan is good at; this is woven into our genes; this is what our people have been trained for: identifying the beauty of each log and then incorporate it in the appropriate application. We have always been careful with this sustainable and natural raw material and we will continue in the future to show the greatest possible respect in using it.

We no longer see the material as a piece of wood when processing each bundle of veneer in our factory, but rather look for a colour, a structure, for characteristics and the soul of a tree. We then try to incorporate the veneer carefully into a project that will make someone proud of what he has bought and of what we have made. Our wish is for you to be a satisfied customer who will be able to appreciate this noble material in admiring it every day.

Jan Desmet (CEO)

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